Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bikes, fishing in the street, phones...

We live in Condos, which I loved when I was single! No yard work, no outside structure to up keep, water is paid for, pool is paid for, ideal for a single girl. Right!?  Well I certainly didn't know that shortly after I would be married and have a couple kids. ha! Who knew, I would be raising my family here, but I am. I am making the best of it! We have plenty of space inside, it's the outside I struggle with. I would love to be able to let the kids go out in a gated backyard and play. Instead we open our garage call all the neighbors out..and play in the street. (We have the BEST neighbors) It's a tad ghetto I know...especially because sometimes I'm still in my Jammie's.;) ha! This is our home, it's ours and we are so thankful for it. So for the time being we are playing in the street and we are most definitely enjoying it.

 Jackson trying to ride using NO hands and having his huge Iron man mask thing dangling from his handlebars..All while not wearing a helmet!! I swear I am a better mom than that. :/
Baby being as cute as possible!! I'll tell her, " You are so stinkin cute!! " and she says back to me,
"I'm not stinky mommy!" haha!  I just love her!

She is giving me "thumbies" It's a thing she does with her Daddy. They both touch there thumbs together and say, "thumbies!"

They pulled out there chairs and fishing poles and pretended the side walk was the ground and the pavement was the lake.

While in the garage..Elle found her princess phone!!  You would have thought she saw a long lost friend!

I wonder who she is talking too! 

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